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Interview with Harry Weiss, former Williamsburg resident [Video]

Interview with Harry Weiss, former Williamsburg resident

I’m delighted to be posting another video conversation with a Jewish Williamsburg “old-timer”, this one with Harry/Chaim Weiss.

Harry Weiss was born September 24, 1949, in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, and he lived there until 1960. Harry’s parents, who were from Hungary, survived Auschwitz and the Holocaust. His father opened up a furniture-making factory on Marcy ave and Keap St. in 1955 and then moved the factory to Flushing Ave. Harry joined the furniture business in 1968 and stayed in the Flushing location until 1991. Many of his clients were of the Hasidic community. Harry has many colorful memories of those transformative 50s and in the neighborhood.  

See my blog post for a transcription of highlights of our conversation.…amsburg-resident/

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