Introducing Tap to Pay on iPhone: The Easiest Way to Start Selling In-Person with Shopify Shopify POS News (2022) [Video]

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In-person selling is set to surge as brands look for cost-effective ways to engage with new customers, drive customer loyalty, and grow sales without sinking resources into online ads. But selling in person is still harder than it has to be. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce Tap to Pay on iPhone, the simplest way to accept payments in person using just an iPhone and the Shopify POS app for iOS. Tap to Pay on iPhone makes it easier for you to sell your products at local events, farmers markets, festivals, or wherever your customers are, without needing to invest in a separate card reader or other additional hardware.

What is Tap to Pay on iPhone? 

Tap to Pay on iPhone is a new capability that lets you securely accept contactless payments, like physical debit and credit cards or mobile wallets like Apple Pay, directly from any iPhone with the Shopify POS app installed.

Start selling in person faster than ever  

Purchasing and setting up point-of-sale hardware …