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Is drone delivery really here for Walmart and Amazon? [Video]

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Dec 23, 2022

After a successful three-store pilot program, Walmart has launched an aerial drone delivery service in a handful of markets, with plans to expand soon to six states.

Walmart shoppers in cities such as Dallas, Orlando, Phoenix and Tampa can now order products and have them delivered via drone delivery within 30 minutes, with a $3.99 per order price tag, according to Eat This, Not That.

Customers can choose from tens of thousands of goods, including fragile items like eggs, with a limit of 10 pounds per flight, according to Supermarket News.

A demo video from last year made in conjunction with DroneUp shows a package being lowered from a drone to a customer’s front lawn using an automated claw, not unlike a mechanism from an entertainment arcade.

Pre-pandemic, major tech players and logistics companies were working on developing drone delivery to help meet the emerging customer demand for faster last-mile delivery. Amazon and …