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How to Supercharge your Digital Marketing with Desire Paths
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Jean Galea: MarTech – How to harness its power and avoid the pitfalls [Video]

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Jean Galea: MarTech – How to harness its power and avoid the pitfalls

🎙 Podcast with Michael Pedersen and Jean Galea, Head of Marketing Platforms at Betsson

🚨 Dive into another riveting episode of the iGaming NEXT podcast! 🎧

Jean has been heading up Betsson’s global MarTech stack for the past 6 years and has a wealth of experience. In his calm and well-articulated way, he managed to explain the massive opportunities of a well-constructed MarTech strategy and how it can improve both the customer’s journey and also help link together internal teams and processes. 🔥

00:00 – Introduction
03:25 – MarTech and Its Role
11:35 – Harmonizing Acquisition and Retention teams
16:40 – Exploring Omni-Channel Strategies
18:54 – The Most Daunting Challenges in MarTech
25:35 – Envisioning a Cookie-less Future
37:00 – The Role of AI in Shaping MarTech’s Future
52:23 – Breaking Down MarTech’s Influence on iGaming
54:11 – Jean’s Top 3 Predictions for MarTech

💼ABOUT Jean Galea:
Over 10+ years of experience in marketing and 6 years in gaming, Jean has a strong understanding of the various marketing channels, as well as how these tie in together to create effective acquisition strategies. In recent years, he has transitioned into marketing platforms and technology, leading a team at Betsson Group which designs, builds, maintains, researches and onboards marketing platforms and processes that optimize and scale acquisition efforts.

In his role, Jean focuses on bridging the gap between Marketing teams, Product Development, Data, Analytics and Commercial teams. He connects the dots together, building highly-focused cross-functional teams that bring the necessary expertise together to build solutions that require multiple departments and wider-company cooperation. With a strong grasp of people skills, technology, marketing, and business strategy, he is constantly examining the multiple facets of the business, looking for strategic gaps and opportunities and thinking up practical solutions to address them.
With his rapid experimentation style, Jean typically sows multiple seeds to see what sprouts, separating through practice what works from what doesn’t, in a continuous effort to unlock commercial value. He is also very attentive to the people and processes side of marketing technology and is a strong believer that the tools are only as useful as the people behind them and the ways in which they are applied.

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