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Keap’s Email Builders [Side-by-Side Demo] | Monkeypod Marketing [Video]

Keap’s Email Builders [Side-by-Side Demo] | Monkeypod Marketing

Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, is in the process of releasing a new and updated Email Builder.

The primary purpose of this update is to standardize the building experience so that users can easily build landing pages and emails using a common feature set, but this improvement also invites questions about the new builder and how it differs from the email builder Keap users have had for years.

This video explains the key differences between the two builders, calling out features and enhancements of the new one, as well as highlighting a few features that are conspicuously missing (for now) in the new email builder.

It should be noted that this new builder is just that, new. So depending on when you see this demo, the product team may have already made changes or improvements to the builder. For the most current info check out the official documentation on the Keap site.

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