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Lead Converting Website Offering [Video]

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Website special for local business owners who don't have a website OR who don't like their website. I am only offering this to FIVE business owners. An affordable, lead converting, 1-page, custom website with ALL of your first-year fees included. I will also teach you how to manage your website for the future. This website will last you 3-5+ years. Learn more: Hi, Jennifer Sargeant here, local business digital marketing expert. I am the founder of Digital Sargeant, a local business digital marketing agency, and Local Business Hotline, digital marketing support for local business owners. ✅ Hire me as your local business marketing ally: ✅ Want expert local business digital marketing support without paying agency fees and pricing? Join the Local Business Hotline at ✅ More free digital marketing advice at ✅ Enhance your YouTube SEO with TubeBuddy! Purchase through this affiliate link: ✅ Schedule …