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Let’s talk about WordPress – S1/E5 (Exploring Meetups Ideas) | Clip | Digamber | Shiva [Video]

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Let’s talk about WordPress – S1/E5 (Exploring Meetups Ideas) | Clip | Digamber | Shiva

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WordPress is one of the most adaptable web content management systems available. Aside from being open source, which allows for progressive extension and business process automation, there are tens of thousands of plugins accessible to meet your requirements. At the time of writing, the plugins directory has over 59K plugins. The episode’s main purpose is to effectively illustrate how to begin a career in WordPress by sharing expertise on the WordPress plugin development approach and discussing the WordPress community, responsibilities, and activities.

In this episode, we’ve Digamber Pradhan, the Lead Plugin Developer at Codemanas. His first job was WordPress development, and ever since then, he’s fallen in love with the platform. He used to be a bespoke WordPress website developer – now focuses mostly on plugin development. More importantly, he’s a WordPress Savant, Free Thinker, and Member of the Open Source Community.

He feels he’s grown both as a developer and a person in this journey and would like to share his journey and give back to the community. He spoke at WordCamp Kathmandu in 2016 as well as various WordPress local meetups.

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Digamber Pradhan
Co-Owner at Codemanas (@digamberpradhan)
Twitter: @digamberpradhan

Shiva Shanker Bhatta
Founder/CEO at AF themes (@shivashankerbhatta)
Twitter: @sweekarshahn

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