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Level Up Your Social Media for Your Video Business

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Level Up Your Social Media for Your Video Business

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This week on the Grow Your Video Business Podcast we’re uncovering all the secrets to leveling up you social media game, without having to learn any dance trends. Elise Darma, is one of the greatest at helping not so Insta famous business people make real revenue directly from social media in a manageable and sustainable way.

She shares her step-by-step process on how to build an effective social media plan to reach your ideal audience, the different kinds of videos that attract the most traffic, and how to avoid the trap of perfectionism.

– You cannot overlook the importance of social media when growing your business.
– There are different ways to use social media and make money.
– Learning what your client wants is key when developing your social media strategy.

00:00 Level Up Your Social Media, Episode 283 with Elise Darma
04:39 Meet Elise Darma and her work
09:18 Elise’s best transformation stories
13:24 How can Elise help you with your video business?
19:42 The best flow for social media sales
[24:57 Social media algorithms tactics

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