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Local SEO and Marketing Q&A Session January 28, 2022 [Video]

Local SEO and Marketing Q&A Session January 28, 2022

Each week, Greg and Ben answer your questions on digital marketing for local businesses. Ask any question about local search engine optimization (SEO), Google Business Profile, social media, email marketing, websites and online advertising.

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– SAB reinstatement address issues should be fixed.
– Be aware that the Facebook GMB URL has been taken over by a review company.
– Should you ask customers to write a Google review while they are still in the store?
– New Bright Local statistics to help get better reviews.
– FTC fines a company for deceptive review practices.
– Webinar Highlights, what’s coming in 2022.
– Are backlinks worth the money?
– Do you have any advice for new reinstatement issues from Google support response times?
– If there is a technical issue, what more can I do if I’m told there’s no news or ETA from Google support?
– How do you handle two businesses in the same physical space on GBP?
– Is there any evidence that using Google ads will help improve your organic ranking?
– What can I do if I’m appearing in search, but my business is still pending after reinstatement?
– Can I show my reviews on my website?
– Have there been any problems with posts on GBP?
– Is it okay to put different reviews on different pages based on the service page if I have all my reviews available in widgets?
– After submitting a reinstatement form for a suspended GBP, receiving a reply from Google and making changes, should I submit a new reinstatement form, or reply to the original response?
– What are your thoughts on Local Falcon vs Local Viking?
– If I previously used a PO box address for my GBP, should I change it?
– Is reporting competitors to Google a good strategy for an agency?
– I’ve reported obvious spam links to Google but they haven’t taken them down, is Google being inconsistent?
– Any suggestions for reporting lawyers with “free consultation” in the GBP listing?
– Does a GBP require the address on the website to match the address on the profile?
– Can you create location pages using the category options listed on GBP?
– Could you talk about proximity and SAB profiles?

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