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Make your customer the hero [Video]

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It’s not you it’s me.

Let me talk to you about breaking up.

A common line people give their partner, something like this, “Darling, it’s not you it’s me.”

The problem is that’s how most people do their marketing.

When people do their marketing they talk about their benefits, why people should use them, what they can offer. It’s all about ‘me, me, me’. That’s not how good marketing works. You need to focus on your customer, their challenges, their problems, what they’re trying to achieve, their stories. In other words it should be about you at all, it should be about them. The golden rule is this, make your customer the hero.

When Coca Cola took the 150 most popular names in the country and put them on a Coke bottle they made it all about ‘us’. People were going to the shops to find their names, to find names of their friends, people were posting up pictures on Facebook of their …

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301: Ryan Berman on the Importance of Courageous Ideas 01/26 by Columbia Sports Management [Video]

Joe sits down with Ryan Berman, founder of Courageous, an agency that focuses on creative and courageous marketing. He shares how he got his start in advertising and what is was like to watch the industry change around him. He explains why he left New York for San Diego to become an entrepreneur and pursue his belief in courageous ideas. Berman explains why he fired himself from the first company he started and how that led to him writing his book, Return On Courage: A Business Playbook For Change. Berman shares his tips for bringing a more creative mindset to risk-averse companies and the overall importance of being courageous. He also discusses why he started his nonprofit called Sock Problems. The CUSP Show is a production by the faculty of Sports Management at Columbia University. You can get in touch with the program on Twitter @CU_SPS_Sports. The CUSP Show is hosted by Joe Favorito (@Joefav) and Tom Richardson (@ConvergenceTR). The show is produced by Matt Hornick ‘23 (@MNHornick), and Cindy Li ‘23 (@cindyliiiii), with Rashad Hyacenth ‘23 and Marco Vonderheide ‘23 managing social media efforts. Links: Website: LinkedIn: Sock Problems: