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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You

Making analytics more human with a B2B podcast – with Cassidy Shield [Video]

Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Making analytics more human with a B2B podcast – with Cassidy Shield

Does your company make data-driven decisions? 🤔

Too often marketers and business leaders are blind to the power of data and how it can drive your decisions and investments in the right direction.

Your video podcast WILL GROW when you learn to interpret the right data and apply it to your growth and marketing strategies. 📈

🎙️ B2B Podcasting brings you an insightful conversation with Cassidy Shield, SVP of Marketing & Sales for Narrative Science and host of “Leading with Data” podcast.

Main Takeaways:
💎 Learn how data can drive the decisions your company makes
💎 Your niche expertise will draw a faithful audience to your show
💎 A video podcast can be the driving force behind your company’s progress
💎 How to treat your podcast guests like royalty
💎 Marketing needs to become more innovative and less “copy-paste”

⏰ 00:00-08:03 | Companies need to learn to make data-driven decisions
⏰ 08:03-11:50 | Manage the tension between qualitative and quantitative data
⏰ 11:50-15:37 | A podcast will sharpen your niche expertise
⏰ 15:37-20:31 | How a podcast can help your team grow their storytelling
⏰ 20:31-24:24 | Learn how to interpret your show’s data
⏰ 24:24-29:53 | Treat your podcast guests like royalty to build community
⏰ 29:53-33:21 | Build trust for a product the market doesn’t have a language for
⏰ 33:21-37:40 | What are the most important KPI’s to watch?
⏰ 37:40-45:00 | The B2B world needs truly innovative marketing

💬 “We need more marketing leaders and teams that are the alphas—taking risks, doing things different, breaking the mold.” – Cassidy Shield
💬 “Despite us all having data at our fingertips at every moment in time, the vast majority of companies aren’t making decisions based on data and we want to change that.” – Cassidy Shield
💬 “Intuition is experience that you’ve developed over time by looking at signals and by having experiences—one could argue that is data in a very unstructured way.” – Cassidy Shield
💬 “If you look at data every day you build experience, you build intuition, you have better judgment and you make better decisions.” – Cassidy Shield
💬 “Measuring what matters, and driving to what matters.” – Cassidy Shield
💬 “Before you have somebody raise their hand to buy your product, they need to know who you are.” – Cassidy Shield
💬 “We’re looking for people to come tell their story about how they’re using data to drive change in their organizations.” – Cassidy Shield
💬 “The show is a big conduit for our ability to develop content and promote that back out to the community, which in turn builds goodwill and awareness of who we are.” – Cassidy Shield
💬 “You create the show, you bring on some amazing guests and they help you pinpoint some really unique topics that maybe you wouldn’t have come up with on your own.” – Kap Chatfield
💬 “When you have a product or a service that the market doesn’t yet have language for, it’s really hard to go and do the cold call approach because there’s so much trust that needs to be built.” – Kap Chatfield


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