5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags
5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags
12 Steps to Create Videos

Manick Bhan πŸ“ˆ Holistic SEO Strategies for Agencies [Video]

Search Engine Optimization

Manick Bhan πŸ“ˆ Holistic SEO Strategies for Agencies

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Google just released the June 2024 spam update. The rollout may take up to 1 week to complete.


How To Protect Your Google Business Profile From This Scam


Now, it is a bit scary that anyone can do this, so be sure to keep an eye out or even use Darren’s service for $1

Why is Your Brand Crucial for Your Company’s Growth by Jason Swenk


The critical thing here is your business. A personal brand may not work in your favor if you try to get a job at the company.

Some companies are stringent; I found this out when I started this show; getting C-level guests was fine, but getting employees of companies requires a ton of regulation if they are even approved to become guests on the show.

What is B2B content strategy and why it is important by Gabby Gurrister

B2B SEO content strategy is what I specialize in.

My approach for an in-depth library is going after all stages of the funnel from top to bottom.

Don’t just create one article targeting a particular keyword, but use a minimum of 3 articles from what is top of the funnel to how to which can middle and an article with more commercial intent to help convert searchers.

What it takes your agency to survive in 2024 by Ryan Stewart


Do you know what can help your agency grow? Search Atlas!

Which brings me to my favorite part of the show!

Please ask questions on the topic, and I will address them in the order they are received.

Before we introduce our guest, here is a word from our sponsor!


Manick is the founder and CEO of LinkGraph – an award-winning mission-driven SEO and digital marketing agency.

He is a growth hacker, data scientist, and skilled programmer. SEO is my greatest passion, as well as my life’s work.

He has 10+ years of experience in search engine optimization from both the in-house and agency sides.

He has taught startups and Fortune 500 companies how to scale their brands with a data-driven SEO strategy that can easily break into any market and create sustainable growth.

Please welcome the founder of Search Atlas, Manick Bahn!

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