How Desire Paths can Transform your Branding and Public Relations
How Desire Paths can Transform your Branding and Public Relations
5 Steps to Creating Successful Ads

Mark Rofe πŸ“£ Viral Link Building [Video]

Search Engine Optimization

Mark Rofe πŸ“£ Viral Link Building

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Google announced the March 2024 core update. This is designed to improve the quality of Search by showing less content that feels like it was made to attract clicks and more content that people find helpful.

They also shared that new spam policies to handle better practices that can negatively impact Google’s search results.

Expired domain abuse
Scaled content abuse – Programmatic SEO
Site reputation abuse – Parasite SEO

A lot of popular SEO tactics are used.

So be sure to use these tactics in moderation.

Google’s New Search Feature Emphasizes Need to Focus on Multimedia SEO

Good images are also suitable for Google Discover, and we all know video is more important than ever as it is being pulled in different Google features on Search.

Bruce Clay Shares: How can I optimize for Alexa and Google Assistant?

Personally, I have been catching myself using voice search recently at home.

But for more searches around cooking, pop culture, and sports scores.

Nothing really with commercial intent.

Decoding Google’s AI: The Secrets Behind SEO Keywords and Ranking Algorithms

My favorite entity and NLP content optimizers are Page Optimizer Pro by Kyle Roof and Cora by Ted Kubaitis.

A discount link is in the description if you want to try those tools out.

How to deliver SEO results with Silvia Marti

As a consultant, you must be transparent about what you deliver.

For example, I do guarantee an increase in rankings, but I can’t guarantee more leads or sales because there are other factors to increase leads and sales, landing pages, and salespeople’s close rates.

We will discuss SEO storytelling in detail with our special guest, Will Critchlow, so be sure to tune in for that episode next week.


Mark worked at one of the UK’s fastest-growing digital PR agencies before leaving to launch an online Christmas tree delivery business.

He has been featured in thousands of publications, and his face has been beamed on TV screens to millions across the world.

He knows how to get links and media coverage and is excited to show you everything he learned so you can, too.

Please welcome Mark Rofe!


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