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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?

MARKETING ANALYTICS & MEASUREMENT SPECIALIZATION (Online Course taught by domain specialists) [Video]

Marketing Analytics and Reporting

MARKETING ANALYTICS & MEASUREMENT SPECIALIZATION (Online Course taught by domain specialists)

Modern marketing is shifting towards Growth Marketing – the science of acquiring, engaging and retaining customers and driving real business growth. And as marketing changes the scrutiny on marketing spends has only grown. Measuring both the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing has become a key business imperative.

The ELEVES Marketing Analytics and Measurement online course will break down marketing measurement into a simple framework of Objective Setting followed by what to measure, how to measure and which metric to track. It will then go deep into different Marketing Analytics techniques that can be used for marketing measurement, with hands on exposure on platforms like Google Analytics & Analytics Edge.

Designed by domain specialists with deep insights in digital marketing strategy and analytics, this online course is a must do for anyone looking to build a career in marketing or analytics. It is also useful for anyone grappling with how to measure their digital marketing effectiveness.

Learn about different measurement techniques like – Multi Touch Attribution, Testing & Experiment, Media Mix Modelling, Matched Market Tests etc from domain experts working in the field of Marketing Effectiveness Measurement

In the ELEVES Meaningful Marketing Measurement online course you will:
– Understand the role of modern marketing in the business cycle today
– Learn how to convert Business Objectives into Marketing and Campaign Objectives
– Get introduced to a comprehensive and practical Measurement Framework
– Learn about different attribution models – Single & Multiple Touchpoint Attribution (MTS)
– Learn about Media Mix Modelling (MMM) to establish the ROI of various marketing interventions
– Learn how to mount and run simple experiments and measurement protocols to keep improving marketing effectiveness
– Get an in-depth learning of Google Analytics & Analytics Edge – a modern analytics platform to aide measurement.

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