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Marketing Automation and Funnel Building with WooCommerce feat. Tavleen Kaur |All Systems Go! Ep 117 [Video]

Marketing Automation and Funnel Building with WooCommerce feat. Tavleen Kaur |All Systems Go! Ep 117

Chris is joined by the marketing head at WooFunnels, Tavleen Kaur. Tavleen co-founded BuildWooFunnels in 2018, with her husband, on a mission to serve WordPress users. In this episode, they discuss sales funnel solutions specifically for WordPress and WooCommerce as well as a recent addition to their product line, a powerful automation engine called Autonami. WordPress and WooCommerce users, you are in for a treat!

[3:10] What led to Tavleen and her husband creating BuildWooFunnels and Autonami
[6:56] Tavleen walks through the necessary components for a successful e-commerce store
[12:07] What Tavleen has seen to be the most effective e-commerce coupons
[14:23] The unique expiring coupon code feature that is available when using Autonami
[19:53] A few of the main features that Autonami adds to WooCommerce in terms of automation
[27:55] Other popular plugins that Autonomi integrates with and what that means for e-commerce stores
[31:04] What e-commerce users need to focus on to increase the value of customers after their initial purchase
[34:42] The #1 thing you need to have as an e-commerce store owner
[37:17] The prerequisites required to use the Autonami plugin
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