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Mastercard’s Player of the Match sonic trophy is designed by Mori designer Nichola Te Kiri [Video]

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The love for rugby in New Zealand isn’t one that’s defined by stats or results. Rather, it’s defined by the exhilaration that the sport guarantees, especially when a match has one of those rare, breathtaking moments. These moments are the ones that you can’t miss; after all, they will happen against the backdrop of players’ cheers and the deafening roars of the crowd.

For Rugby World Cup 2021, the Mastercard Player of the Match trophy is designed to capture the spirit of the sport through sound. Each of the first-ever sonic trophies features a “Sonic track” that immortalizes the live sounds of the match. A powerful speaker can be found at the base from which the Player of the Match’s highlights will be played.

Most importantly, this trophy has a Māori twist that honors the indigenous people of New Zealand. In fact, the idea to capture the game through sound came from the …