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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You

minimalist file themed webcore carrd tutorial! [Video]

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minimalist file themed webcore carrd tutorial!

you don’t need to give me credit within your carrd itself, but if someone asks you where you got the idea for your carrd from, please tell them you got it from my tutorial/my pinterest instead of claiming it as your own.

if you have any questions about my carrd, please put them in the comments, ask them on tellonym or dm me on twitter or pinterest 🙂

this tutorial’s difficulty: intermediate.
compatible for non-pro users: yes.

inspo for this carrd;

check out my carrd;

ask me a question!

find other carrds i’ve made;
@qluvbot on pinterest.

resources i use in my carrds like empty text, symbols, et cetera, can all be found on my twitter!

— i no longer take requests, i’m very sorry! i just don’t have the time.
— please use she / xe pronouns when referring to me! if you want to refer to me by name, you can use one of my nicknames or names, ‘feli’, ‘lili, ‘ferelith’ or my channel name, ‘qluvbot’.

bgm creds;
animal crossing new horizons soundtrack

arriety’s song (the secret world of arriety) — music box version

a town with an ocean view (kiki’s delivery service) — music box version

howl’s moving castle — music box version

flying express delivery service (kiki’s delivery service) — music box version

time stamps;
intro: (0:00)
home: (0:15)
info: (5:35)
criteria: (9:16)
stan list: (11:03)
final results: (14:08)
outro: (14:22)

if you’ve read this far, thanks so much for supporting me, love you lots!!
— feli

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