Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale

Most Valuable Skills to Learn in 2022 [Video]

Most Valuable Skills to Learn in 2022

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Let me start by sincerely apologizing for the delay. 🧎🧎So after I had finished compiling the video last year, I had a technical glitch and lost the entire compilation. 😭

I later realized I had made a copy on Canva and that was how I was able to get this version.πŸ’ƒ

I hope you find value!



Data Science

Learn Excel

content marketing


Start Writing

Create Landing Pages

Learn to Write a Resume



Software Development (Fully Funded by Masterclass for all 2022 Applicants)

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Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale

The Easiest Sales Funnel Builder of 2022 | Start For Free | Ranked Number 1 [Video]

Easiest Sales Funnel Builder of 2022. All you need to do is drag and drop content to build capture squeeze pages and landing pages. Our easy sales funnel builder will have you dominating any affiliate marketing in 2022.You can drag and drop images, youtube or vimeo videos, add capture forms, tracking pixels, social networking links and more. There is no coding required so easy a grandma can do it. Just drag and drop to have sales funnel pages built in just a few minutes. You get tons of templates and easy training. The Conversion Pros makes it so easy to add pages together to build the ultimate sales funnel. We also include an Unlimited Autoresponder and a CRM contact manager. So you don't only build a list here you can email them all from our built in autoresponder that is included and unlimited. What you also get is a phone app that is available on android and apple play store and any leads that come through your capture pages will go right to our free phone app. This way it is easy to convert leads to sales from your sales funnel.

Landing Pages and Conversion to Sale

Should you give lifetime access to your online course? [Video]

Unsure whether to add 'lifetime access' to your online course or not? As a course creator you can easily add the words to your landing page, but, can you truly offer lifetime access?------------------------------WhatΒ΄s included------------------------------0:00 Introduction0:36 Why offer lifetime access?1:12 How can you define what a lifetime is?2:14 How can you make a recurring income?3:27 How will students be motivated to complete the course?4:37 Still want to offer lifetime access?5:02 What about long term access?6:11 How to boost motivation7:15 Bonus Tip: Memberships!Should you offer free lifetime access to your online course or not?It can be very alluring to add this to your landing page as an added bonus. Lifetime access can be attractive to those students on the fence. But what does lifetime access really mean?This video will help you to understand if lifetime access is an offer that you want to provide to your studentsHow can you define what a lifetime is?Is it your lifetime? Your student's? Your course? The career of your students? When you move to a different platform?Lifetime is difficult to measure and this can be risky!How can you make a recurring income?If your students have lifetime access, how can you encourage them to move through your pipeline? They can continually come back to your content, so why would they want to purchase another course or a different package?What happens when you move platforms?What happens when you exceed enrolled student numbers? Will you be willing to pay for their access for a lifetime? When they have only paid you once?How will students be motivated to complete the course?Students can come back to the course whenever they want! There is no need to complete this year or in 10 years. They can always access the course and continue.What if students access content in 10 years time, will the content still be relevant? Are you willing to continuously update this content?Recommendations...If you still want to offer lifetime access, then ensure you clearly define what lifetime means in your terms and conditions. Ensure that this is easily accessible for your students. If you want to offer a bonus of lifetime access without offering a lifetime, consider long term access. E.G. a 12-week course over 6 or 12 months.You can also offer that students can extend their access for a small fee.This will motivate your students to complete the course within the timeframe.To further motivate your students, use the expiration date as part of the student experience.For example, set up automated emails that are triggered by the completion date. Such as, 1 month before the expiration date, send a reminder email. You can also make sure that the student continually sees the expiration date on their dashboard. Here you can add an upgrade button so that they can extend at any time.Consider other automated reminders such as '# of days since the last log in' or progress report updates. Finally, if you do not want to offer lifetime or long term access, consider building a membership.After the considerations and recommendations, what have you decided to do? Let me know in the comments below.------------------------------About The Stella Way------------------------------The Stella Way support subject matter experts, just like yourself, to scale your knowledge through online courses with a strong focus on creating an engaging learning journey.The Stella Way was founded to provide innovative coaching and consulting services that empower you to build a sustainable and scalable online course. We work with educators who are passionate about sharing their knowledge, who want to make a positive impact and strive to make education globally accessible.Why work with us? Many new course creators spend hours, weeks and months planning and designing their perfect course, but then hear crickets when they launch. With our experience in curriculum design, online courses and learning experience, we work with our clients to build an online course alongside their students and launch in smaller iterations to not risk a failed launch.Schedule a free consultation: Free Course Curriculum Template: Course Creator Videos------------------------------How to structure your online course for an LMS: a Course Curriculum is Important: Elements of an Online Course Curriculum PLUS 3 Tips: to create your course outline: Media------------------------------πŸ‘ Facebook:πŸ‘ LinkedIn:πŸ‘ Website: