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MultiVariants Reviews: Pricing & Software Features 2022 [Video]

MultiVariants is a Shopify bulk order software that streamlines the customer experience by providing them minimum/maximum variants and interval quantity increments when shopping. It aims to raise your sales and conversion rate by enabling bulk product purchases. This works well for suppliers who offer bulk/wholesale services as well as items with several variations.

To enable your clients to pick numerous variants and quantities at once and add them to the shopping cart with a single click, MultiVariants changes the basic Shopify variations drop-down into a variant list table with a quantity box. This makes it easier for your clients to browse several variations of the same product. Customers can also proceed directly to the checkout and make their purchases after specifying all types and order volume options. Additionally, the system has certain white-label functionality and lets users add unique text or comments for each variant.

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(i) Allow to order multiple variants at once– With Shopify default functionality, …

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