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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?

My Courses are Now AI-Powered 🤖 See how.. [Video]

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My Courses are Now AI-Powered 🤖 See how.. 👈 Learn UI/UX & CSS Today. Use “SPRING23” for 35% Off! 👈 My upcoming “Advanced Frontends” Course
— Today, I’m excited to announce that both of my courses have been updated:

AI is here, it is everywhere, and now it’s at

It’s now been integrated in both the UI/UX course, and the CSS course. So let’s first talk about the CSS course..

We’ve integrated ChatGPT in our interactive code editor where you complete fun challenges to help you learn CSS. If you’re ever stuck, just highlight the code and ask for help. The AI is embedded in the editor and it’s there for you to use while you learn — there are no API keys or special accounts required. This course in total has over 8+ hours of video, dozens of interactive challenges, and a bunch of practice projects.

In the UI/UX course, I’ve just added a new chapter that contains nearly 3 hours worth of new AI-Enhanced UI/UX workflows. You’ll join me as I design a website for my wife’s business, and you’ll get to see how to utilize both GPT-4 and Midjourney as a part of your UI/UX process. This course has over 18 hours of video, 38 interactive UI tests, and 20+ challenges.

What’s awesome about these new integrations is that it’s 100% free for existing members, and if you’re not a member, you can join during our week long, spring sale at 35% off. Just use code SPRING23 at checkout.

I’m also really excited to keep on augmenting these courses with even more AI integration going forward in the future, especially when they release multi-modal functionality.

Alright everyone, I hope to see you all join and I’ll see you soon!

#ai #uiux #css

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