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Network Marketing Prospecting: How to Prospect 5 New People Online Daily Even With a Busy Schedule [Video]

Network Marketing Prospecting: How to Prospect 5 New People Online Daily Even With a Busy Schedule

Network Marketing Prospecting is a tough task. This video is going to show you how to easily Prospect 5 New People Online Daily Even With a Busy Schedule using automation tools. Not only will you be able to find 5 new prospects daily, but it also gives you follow-up systems and background information on these prospects.

0:00 Introduction
0:45 Prospect Automation Demo
3:36 Contact Enhancement and Personality Profile (Similar to Disc)
5:09 Personality Analysis Overview
6:17 Sales Tactics Overview
8:27 How connect with people online (get that here:
11:30 Prospect Tracking System
12:40 Content Storage (Files, Video Links, Website Links, etc.)
13:33 How to share content with a trackable link
15:18 Follow up conversation after sending trackable link
16:13 Free digital business card (personal branding microsite)
17:10 Google retargeting (never let the prospect forget who you are)
18:15 How to connect with me

Book a 30-minute demo with me to specifically look at your business and find the perfect prospects for you. In 30 minutes we’ll find prospects and map out an effective strategy for your business.

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Calendar Automation (15-day free trial)

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