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[New Product Launch] CloudPano Automotive Spin App [Video]

[New Product Launch] CloudPano Automotive Spin App

[New Product Release!] Create 360º Exterior and Interior Spins With CloudPano Automotive!

The CloudPano team is excited to announce a new product release. CloudPano Automotive!

You can now create 360º Exterior Spins, Interior Spins, and Detail photos all from the new CloudPano Automotive App!

Plus CloudPano is partnering with major Automotive platforms to automate the publishing and integration process for dealerships!

This means you can now create interactive 360º spins in less than 3 minutes per vehicle. Plus you can add hotspots, information spots, embedded media, and video chat live right inside a 360º spin.

Our Big Promise: We guarantee to 2X your listing engagement time and performance. Which is the leading metric for online leads, appointments, and sales.

[*Our New Partnership Program*] Plus we are releasing an exciting new program for our users – The CloudPano Automotive Spin Reseller Program.

As a reseller, you can now sell software and services as an approved spin provider.

This program combines the important elements of a local market presence with the technical and industry partnerships provided by CloudPano.

In other words – you can integrate and get approved and unlock doors that are impossible to access on your own.

We designed the Spin Reseller Program to empower our users to sell spin services or stand-alone software with success.

This program will unlock an entire new revenue stream for you, and we are excited to see our users explode with success!

To learn more, watch the information video here:

I am excited for the road ahead.

I will see you there!

Zach Calhoon
Co Founder –

PS: If you have a question, please comment below and I will do my best to answer. Thanks!

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