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Newsable: Were Shein’s influencers manipulated, or useful idiots? [Video]

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Noriko Hayashi/Bloomberg

Shein faces growing criticism over its environmental, social and governance record practices. MUST CREDIT: Bloomberg photo by Noriko Hayashi.

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It was a clusterf… for the ages. The social media ages, to be precise.

On one side we have the Chinese clothing company Shein, oft-criticised for its ‘fast-fashion’ model, marketing practices, and conditions for workers.

On the other: a social bunch of influencers with large, but mainly niche audiences.

The story: in June, Shein flew these influencers over to China, first-class, paying for their accommodation, and gave them access to some of the company’s factories and workers so they could see for themselves how non-exploitative its practices are.

The influencers, as you might imagine, posted glowing reviews: “When I asked them questions like, ‘What does your work week look like?’ Most of them work 8 to 6 and their commute is 10 to 15 minutes, just like normal,” one …

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