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NinjaKash Review – ISSUES + Misleading Sales Page (NinjaKash Honest Review + Demo) [Video]

NinjaKash Review – ISSUES + Misleading Sales Page (NinjaKash Honest Review + Demo)

In this NinjaKash review, I run through a demo of this software, reveal the issues with it and provide better alternatives!

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00:54 Adding your affiliate links
01:25 Showing a funnel
02:01 Settings & Integrations
02:56 Creating a new funnel
04:14 Lead Funnels (requires an autoresponder)
05:03 Promo Funnels & funnel limitations
05:55 Free Traffic
07:07 Alternatives
08:44 Reports, Image Library & Support
09:06 Keep this in mind…
09:44 Pricing & OTOs
11:24 Summary

NinjaKash is an online cloud-based software that allows you to add affiliate products, create landing pages for these affiliate products, and share them to social media platforms. There are a few issues and limitations with this software, which I reveal in this review video, and I also provide some better alternatives.


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