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Overcoming Millions Of Haters and Not Getting Canceled With Jennifer Hale || Episode 156 [Video]

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If you want to have a powerful message, you need to be a powerful person, even in the face of adversity. And today's guest, voice actress and business owner Jennifer Hale is the perfect example. Just a few years ago, she went through a pretty big ordeal with a “hater” online about something that wasn’t even true (and because of an NDA… she couldn’t say a word about it on social). It hit the range of millions and millions of people, it’s one of the worst cases of hate I’ve seen a student go through, and yet it didn’t shake her or steal her power. Though it did affect her… and we’ll talk about it during this episode. Listen in and discover the best way to react to “haters” and maintain your personal power, one of the easiest ways to recognize when you’re losing personal power, how to combine empathy …