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Product Demo | VIIZR [Video]

Product Demo | VIIZR

Powered by Ford Motor Company. Built on Salesforce.

Ford makes the fleets that keep America working. Salesforce is the global CRM leader. VIIZR leverages the strengths of both.

Win more jobs. Help boost your profits. Improve your life. Transform your business, one customer relationship at a time. It all starts with happier customers. VIIZR: The Trades CRM for Small Business.

VIIZR is an all-in-one toolset that helps small- to medium-sized trades businesses save time, increase profits and streamline their operations. Drawing on the trust and scale of Ford, and leveraging the power of Salesforce, VIIZR puts the global leader of CRM in the hands of small businesses.

VIIZR is primarily designed for small businesses (20 employees or fewer) in the skilled trades (plumbing, HVAC, garage door service, landscaping, etc.). We help busy business owners transition to digital, grow their operations and manage customer relationships easily and efficiently.

Key Features: job management, work orders/change orders, client data management, create/send estimates, schedule & dispatch, invoicing & payment, maps & routing and team permissions.

Key Benefits: win more jobs, grow your business, get paid faster, communicate clearly, schedule easily, streamline operations and much more.

Win More Jobs
Get documents to customers quickly. Keep everything organized. With a more streamlined workflow, you’ll be able to chase those big opportunities.

Grow Your Business
Higher profits. Happier customers. More productivity. With a more streamlined workflow, it’s easier to deliver top-notch customer service every time.

Get Paid Faster
Keep track of your invoices. Generate and send paperless forms quickly. Shorten the payment cycle and keep track easily.

Communicate Clearly
Connect it all. From back office to techs to customer, VIIZR keeps key job information in one central location so everyone stays informed.

Schedule Easily
Assign work. Track job progress. Optimize everywhere. VIIZR gives you a 360° view of your workstream and lets you make changes in a snap.

Streamline Operations
Reduce headaches with a central platform where you can monitor and make changes easily. Keep employees productive and customers happy.

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Marketing Platforms and CRM

New Zealand Diploma in Business [Video]

Are you a student or already in the industry and looking for higher qualifications to build on what you know and improve your career prospects in the world of business? Whatever your circumstances, this diploma will provide you with the knowledge you need to show you are ready for a new challenge. Graduates of this programme will be able to apply broad knowledge of the principles and current practices of operations, accounting, marketing/sales, human resources, and risk management, to support the performance of a business. You'll also learn about innovation and organisational change, communicating with team members and stakeholders, professional and ethical behaviour and applying knowledge of te Tiriti o Waitangi. Accounting strand You'll also learn how to: Record and process a wide range of nancial transactions, including the use of appropriate dedicated accounting software Apply tax rules for individuals and small businesses to ensure compliance Apply accounting concepts and standards to prepare nancial statements and reports Interpret and communicate nancial and non-nancial information to a variety of internal and external stakeholders to assist them in making decisions Prepare and communicate budgets to internal stakeholders and monitor the business's performance against them Evaluate nancial and business risk of an entity and identify the internal controls that could be applied to minimise or mitigate the risk Act in accordance with the accounting profession's Code of Ethics. Achievement of this qualication may equip you to meet the academic entry requirements for Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand's Accounting Technician (AT) College. Administration and technology strand You'll also learn how to: Manage business administration functions, operations, and/or projects, to support the entity's operational goals Select, apply and support a broad range of current and emerging business technologies to enhance the entity's performance Manage and evaluate administrative systems and processes and recommend improvements. Human resource management strand You'll also learn how to: Apply knowledge of the principles and practices of HR functions for recruitment, development, performance management, and health and safety within an entity Adapt to changes in given organisational context/s with eective HR strategies Communicate eectively with stakeholders to provide HR-specic information and advice within a recognised industry ethical framework. Leadership and management strand You'll also learn how to: Identify operational issues and challenges and apply techniques for continuous improvement to support the entity's performance Contribute to business planning to support the entity's performance Lead others to implement activities, including change processes, within the entity's plans to support its performance Manage projects within scope, resources, and time Develop strategies for a positive workplace culture and team engagement, to value diversity and to support the entity's performance. Monitor compliance to meet internal and external requirements. Marketing and sales strand You'll also learn how to: Apply marketing and sales principles and processes, including consideration of the role of the entity's brand Advise management on existing and emerging marketing and sales issues, based on secondary research Use existing technology, and show awareness of emerging technology, in a range of marketing contexts and/or delivery platforms Communicate persuasively and purposefully, using buyer decision-making process and negotiation, with customers and prospects to achieve marketing and sales outcomes Apply self-management and interpersonal skills for eective relationship management. Project management strand You'll also learn how to: Manage projects through their entire life cycle using project management knowledge, tools, and techniques Manage stakeholder engagement through the project life cycle.