How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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Production Studio from WPP is here [Video]

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Production Studio – a production application created with NVIDA Omniverse – has arrived.

WPP today announced the launch of Production Studio, an AI-enabled, end-to-end production application developed using NVIDIA Omniverse, that streamlines and automates the creation of text, images and video, transforming content creation for advertisers and marketers.

Embedded within WPP Open, the company’s intelligent marketing operating system powered by AI, Production Studio will provide access to the company’s generative AI content engine, the result of a close collaboration with NVIDIA that was announced by the two companies in May last year.

Following the findings of a successful pilot phase in the last 12 months with industry-leading companies including Ford and L’Oréal, advertisers could unlock exponentially more content when they transform to an AI-enabled content supply chain powered by Production Studio*.

Production Studio directly addresses the challenges advertisers continue …

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