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Proven ways to Decrease No Show Rates [Video]

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Proven ways to Decrease No Show Rates

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If you own a business that schedules appointments with clients, then chances are you’ve suffered the frustration of a no-show—that customer who neither shows up for their scheduled appointment nor gives you a call/sends a text to notify you that they can’t make it.

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How To Decrease Your No Show Rate Before Your Meeting


These days, everyone is stretched thin with work and personal responsibilities. Between meetings, emails, and projects, it’s no wonder we have so many no-shows at our meetings.

But there are ways to decrease your no-show rate by making it easier for people to attend and prepare for meetings. in today’s video, we will talk about four tactics that will help you have the most productive meeting possible.

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00:00 Proven ways to Decrease No-Show Rates
02:04 Limit how far in advance your prospect has to schedule the meeting
03:32 Send calendar invites
05:09 Use appointment reminder emails


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