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Recorded webinar: Loyalty Programs: A New Delta for Data with Philip Shelper [Video]

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Recorded webinar

Loyalty & Reward Co CEO Philip Shelper reveals how to utilise loyalty programs to generate valuable zero and first-party data, engage customers in ever-more meaningful experiences and build brand, sales and retention.

Recorded 21 September 2021

Discover how to use loyalty programs to:

Connect cleverly Generate zero-party and first-party data to build authentic and meaningful marketing connections between customers and brands.

Direct data Develop your own data provenance and authentication solutions to reduce ongoing costs while managing digital and regulatory changes.

Pivot productively Manage the risks ahead with a clear idea of the digital, ACCC, privacy and Spam Act changes coming to reshape the marketing landscape.

Become an expert in Consumer Engagement

Philip Shelper is the subject matter expert teaching Loyalty Programs and Consumer Engagement. Learn more from Australia‚Äôs leading customer loyalty consultant, get a clear understanding of Customer Loyalty Programs theory and practice, and become a loyalty program and consumer engagement expert. Next course begins 8 November 2022.