Running a B2B Business with D2C Principles with Gilmar Arellano [Video]

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Gilmar Arellano, who co-founded HAY! Straws and serves as its CEO, pursued the plastic straw alternative due to his unconditional love for nature. “I wanted to protect the environment from the horrors of plastic waste,” he says, “and my experience in hospitality led me to identify one of the most egregious culprits: straws made from oil-based plastic.” Hand- selecting straw from small farms, cutting it, washing it, and packaging it in eco-friendly boxes revealed a natural solution to a dire modern problem. As he embraces the HAY! brand and its mission of reducing plastic pollution, Arellano also builds a strong, devoted team. Banking on their individual commitments to the cause, Arellano harnesses the powerful energy that comes with making a difference. “Rather than micro-manage, I choose to empower people,” he explains. While growing up in Lima, Peru, Arellano longed to start his own business after observing his father, who owned …