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Safe Hugs, the first legal assistance to protect fans from their emotional outbursts in Qatar Marketing Communication News [Video]

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Can anyone imagine fans not being able to hug to celebrate a goal scored by their team? Taking this in mind,  Naranja X, an Argentine fintech company with more than 5.5 million users, developed a 24-hour legal assistance service designed specifically for those who cannot suppress the urge to hug in public during the World Cup. The service includes providing legal assistance with local attorneys and covering potential fines for those whose passion for soccer overwhelms them.

Safe Hugs in Qatar.mp4 from Nicolás Pimentel on Vimeo.

The innovative product was masterminded by Becoming Mode, creative agency led by Nicolás Pimentel, and production company Nro3, in collaboration with Assist Card

This year the World Cup has a great peculiarity: it takes place in a country where excessive expressions of affection in public can be punished. So, for the first time in history, what fans usually do when celebrating and accompanying their national team …