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7 Invisible Obstacles to Digital Marketing Success
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Salesforce Business Analyst Handbook [Video]

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Salesforce Business Analyst Handbook

In this episode, I sit down with the author of the Salesforce Business Analyst Handbook Srini Munagavalasa.
Srini Munagavalasa has more than 20 years of global IT experience in Salesforce CRM and PRM, SAP CRM, and HR. He has a passion for learning about new and emerging technologies and products and prototyping and implementing solutions resulting in customer satisfaction and business benefits. He has authored 10+ CRM, HR, and project management articles with Wellesley Information Services (WIS). He has also presented papers at Salesforce Dreamforce and SAP Sapphire/ASUG. He is currently working as a VP at Salesforce COE at MUFG Americas. He has a bachelor’s degree in metallurgical engineering and holds a post-graduate diploma in operations management. He has worked with renowned companies such as CA Tech, IBM, The Walt Disney Company, and PwC.
00:30 – Why Srini wrote this book
01:36 – How Srini put the book together
05:45 – Who is this book for?
08:57 – Tips for collecting requirements
15:35 – How Srini’s experience led to confidence
17:18 – Engage with other Business Lines
19:00 – User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
26:09 – How to get people involved
29:35 – Recommended Tools for Business Analysts
31:42 – Staying up-to-date with technology
36:15 – Where you can find Srini’s book
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