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Scale And Personalization For Local TV Ad Targeting: Gamuts Gaynor Beet.TV [Video]

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SANTA MONICA — Individually, local households, even when addressable, may not sound like a large audience.

But, when you consider the rapid adoption of streaming TV across the whole nation, “hyper-targeting” is a prospect that is reaching significant scale, even at the local level.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Adam Gaynor, Chief Revenue Officer, Gamut, describes how it works.

Gamut is the smart ad division of Cox Media.

“We are all about scale locally,” Gaynor says. “For us, it’s about aggregating inventory and having that scale, no matter how hyper-targeted we get in terms of our targeting.

“We now have this opportunity for brands, big or small, to be able to reach audiences in as tight of areas as possible.

“Whether you’re looking for a 10-mile radius of a string of car dealers in the Southeast, or a set of furniture stores in the Northwest, or states or DMAs, we have enough inventory and we have that inventory …