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Sell on Amazon FBA in 2022 Trends & Predictions – Ads/PPC, Traffic, Aggregators, SupplyChain, Growth [Video]

Sell on Amazon FBA in 2022 Trends & Predictions – Ads/PPC, Traffic, Aggregators, SupplyChain, Growth

Amazon Trends & Predictions 2022 by Experts – Revised and Discussed by We Are Growth Hack. How to sell products on Amazon in 2022. Our annual recurrent Amazon FBA Trends & Predictions for this year looks just too hot!

References and Useful Links:

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Global Logistic Guide
Ryan’s Video
MPP 2021 Year in Review
Our Amazon FBA Predictions 2021

Topic list:

00:00 – Intro to Amazon FBA Trends & Predictions for 2022
02:43 – Trend #1 Amazon Advertising getting more expensive in 2022
17:35 – Trend #2 External Traffic for Amazon (Rank, Sales, Conversion Rate)
23:15 – Trend #3 Amazon Becoming a Social Shopping Platform in 2022
27:32 – Trend #4 Amazon Increasing their Native Tools (Seller Central)
31:00 – Trend #5 Supply Chain Issues will continue in 2022
38:27 – Trend #6 Selling on Amazon in 2022 is different (FBA Aggregators and less sellers)
45:57 – Trend #7 For how long Amazon will Keep on Growing?
51:55 – #8 Recap of Last Year Predictions for Amazon FBA Sellers
58:20 – #9 Conclusion: How to Make Money on Amazon in 2022?

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