Ecommerce Case Study | Finale Inventory [Video]

Watch/Read More is a product and service based company founded in 2005 that is focused on seniors 55 and older.  They strives to provide the right tools and education to help create an environment for seniors to live longer while improving their quality of life.

Shifting to eCommerce in 2016, quickly outgrew their original workflow of spreadsheets and manual inventory counting and began looking for an eCommerce inventory solution.  “We chose Finale based on the quality of product, the cloud based system, and the ease of use” – Jeff Dailey, CEO.

“We were using spreadsheets for everything. We could have a hundred different spreadsheets for a hundred different vendors”, Jesse Dunn (COO) told us. “It became out of control quickly. Finale has completely streamlined our business”. initially started with just a handful of suppliers and SKUs and quickly grew. Spreadsheets could no longer keep up with the volume that was …