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How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing

Set Up Embedded BI with Reveal SDK in ASP.NET Core Server for Interactive Dashboards [Video]

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Set Up Embedded BI with Reveal SDK in ASP.NET Core Server for Interactive Dashboards

Reveal BI is Data Analytics Built for Embed—Simple. Fast. Predictable.
Choose a business intelligence solution that is purpose-built for the embedded analytics market for high-performance, interactive dashboards for all of your data analytics needs. Reveal’s modern architecture simplifies how you integrate, manage, and pay for data visualizations.

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0:00 Introduction
0:25 Download Reveal BI SDK
0:56 Create Visual Studio ASP.NET Core Web API Project
2:07 Add Dashboards to Project
2:42 Add Reveal Nuget Package
3:20 Add Reveal MVC Controller
3:52 Test Dashboard Load with Swagger API
4:46 Add CORS Policy
5:42 Wrap Up

What is Reveal? Reveal is an embedded analytics solution that provides organizations with the most powerful, flexible and transparently priced analytics tools on the market. Reveal provides developers with a wide range of highly customizable and easy-to-use embedded analytics tools and data visualizations, which end users can immediately understand.

What is Reveal used for? Reveal brings the power of data to the hands of your employees, customers, partners, suppliers and yourself. It provides interactive dashboards, drilldowns, collaboration, sharing and true self-service with a drag and drop dashboard creator experience on any device that lets anyone build beautiful dashboards in their apps and act at the right moment.

Learn more about Reveal Embedded BI here:

Deploy Everywhere: Cloud, Web, Desktop, Mobile, On-Premise

Cut the time to create and manage dashboards for your end users and eliminate vendor-side dependencies. Reveal’s responsive dashboards such as marketing and kpi dashboards look beautiful everywhere with touch and smooth scrolling on all screen sizes. Use our powerful APIs to quickly add data analytics capabilities to existing applications with our native web, desktop, iOS and Android SDKs. And take advantage of Big Data with connectors to Azure SQL, Azure Synapse, and Google Big Query.

– Connect or deploy to any on-premise or cloud-based server
– Manage deployment, scalability and resilience with container and micro-service architecture
– Use statistical functions such as linear regression and predictive analytics to see trends in your data
– Ensure data security with full encryption
– Enable custom actions based on your users’ interactions
– Link to your data models and create dashboards from your application memory with our in-memory – data source
– Check out any of our resources including the Reveal Developer Guide, Documentation, or Architechure and Security.
– Build Data Visualizations and Dashboards in Angular, React, jQuery, Java, Windows Forms, WPF applications and more!

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