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Sheely’s Furniture Talks the Competitive Advantage of Customer Satisfaction | AHA [Video]

Sheely’s Furniture Talks the Competitive Advantage of Customer Satisfaction | AHA

Welcome back to Studio 3B! Today on American Hardwood Advisor, host Steve Stack sits down with Jessica Smith (principal owner/buyer) from Sheely’s Furniture. Watch as they discuss the history of Sheely’s Furniture, the sales team’s role in customer satisfaction, and expanding a family-owned small business.

Sheely’s Furniture and Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods have a great business relationship with a shared customer base and target audience of homeowners and interior designers alike. Both companies’ customer centric-approach focuses on existing customers just as much as new customers. They understand that having the best customer support helps potential customers turn into current customers.

Managing customer relationships is much more than just customer retention. In fact, customer loyalty comes from the customer experience and listening to customer feedback (and customer complaints). Company-customer interactions and follow-ups are the best CRM tools (customer relationship management) at your disposal.

At the end of the day, customer success is your success. When you meet customer expectations, you form loyal customers and long-term relationships. Strong customer relationships give your company a competitive advantage with great word of mouth. Check your customer data and metrics; referrals are the best way to get new and repeat customers. Consistently meeting your customer needs has a great lifetime value, bringing more people into your store than any new product launch or marketing campaign.

If you want your profitability to expand, focus on providing clear customer communication and a painless service experience. Ensure their customer journey is seamless to keep them coming back — and telling their friends!

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Marketing Platforms and CRM

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