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Shift Paradigm | Lessons Learned in Marketing Ops Leadership [Video]

Shift Paradigm | Lessons Learned in Marketing Ops Leadership

Join marketing/revenue operations leaders to learn their biggest takeaways from their years in the trenches. Our speakers have a broad range of company size, team size, and TechStack experiences. In this roundtable, we’ll touch on topics including:
– Educating execs on the value of marketing/revenue operations
– Creative ways to secure budget for new MarTech
– Ways to create technology adoption (without answering the SAME question a million times)
– MarTech trends they’re following and the next tech purchases on their mind

– Naomi Liu: Director, Global Marketing Operations at EFI
– Max Maurier: Senior Director – Marketing Operations, Analytics, and Growth Marketing at Druva
– Jonah Cooperman: Global Demand Generation and Marketing Operations Leader at Atlassian

About Shift Paradigm
Shift Paradigm, a consultancy that executes like an agency, represents an end-to-end shift in the way organizations align around growth. After pioneering the email marketing and marketing automation movements by helping thousands of organizations implement marketing technology platforms, we know that technology alone can’t get your business growing. Usually, it takes a paradigm shift in the way we work.

We’re built specifically to solve the invisible problems that hurt revenue performance and help organizations align from top-to-bottom around growth. By breaking down the typical siloes of technology and strategy, we collaborate with clients to increase revenues, align teams, and engage your best customers. As a result, we’re shifting the traditional paradigms of sales and marketing, for the better. For more information, visit us at or email us at [email protected].

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