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How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
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Shocking Truth: How Menopause Diet Can Save Your Brain! | Dr. Lisa Mosconi [Video]

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Shocking Truth: How Menopause Diet Can Save Your Brain! | Dr. Lisa Mosconi

“Menopause Brain” is real. But it doesn’t have to give you hot flashes and brain fog or destroy your libido. There’s no shortage of bad news when it comes to menopause. But new science reveals menopause is NOT the beginning of the end. In today’s #MarieTV, Dr. Lisa Mosconi — one of the world’s leading menopause neuroscientists — reveals what’s REALLY going on. Watch now to learn how a few small changes can help you take control of your brain health and happiness!

00:00 The revolutionary “brain diet” that reverses dementia
10:05 Lifestyle tweaks that keep your mind sharp as you age
11:30 Why most women ignore doctors’ advice about Alzheimer’s
14:47: How to stop your brain from shrinking over time
24:30 Stop doing THIS to fix headaches and brain fog
29:00 Why you should ditch soda water (unless you WANT to feel terrible)
33:00 7 superfoods for the ultimate brain boost
42:30 The WORST thing you can do during menopause
48:10: Why women’s brains age differently than men’s brains
49:59 The infuriating reason doctors treat women like “smaller, more emotional men”
52:00 One surprising way that pregnancy changes our brain chemistry
54:00 The BEST part about going through menopause (that’s NOT about your period)
58:00 Why menopause makes many women reckless
01:05:00 The “Spikes” lesson from animals that THRIVE after menopause
01:06:00 Lisa’s step-by-step menopause survival guide
01:10:39 The Japanese secret for using menopause to gain respect and status

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