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Simplify Your CRM System to Maximize Customer Relationships [Video]

Simplify Your CRM System to Maximize Customer Relationships

Many businesses depend on customer relationship management (CRM) software to generate sales leads and track client responses. Is it possible to simplify and streamline these systems to maximum advantage? Yes, says Copper, Inc. CEO, Dennis Fois, describing why Copper’s CRM software is built around Google Workspace, and the benefits they see when a CRM complements user productivity. Learn why he advocates centralizing customer data away from email inboxes, and why the nature of your business model — transactional vs. relational — should direct what CRM you use. (This is Episode 26 of the Season 3 Paychex THRIVE business podcast with host Gene Marks.) #CRM #businesstools #CopperInc #CRMsoftware #THRIVEpodcast #SmallBusiness

Topics include:
3:02 – How does Copper differ from other CRMs?
5:27 – Why and how Copper integrates solely with Google Workspace
9:07 – Shifting from process software to productivity software
12:58 – Are industry-specific (vertical) CRMs necessary?
15:54 – ROI: business growth, existing customers, IP losses with employee turnover
26:50 – The value of top-down company commitment to a CRM
30:43 – Why CRMs need more focus on ease of use
33:01 – AI impact on CRMs, labor force, and decision-making

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Marketing Platforms and CRM

B2B Sales & Marketing: As Easy As ABX for Marketing Operations [Video]

In this session from B2BMX Next Level ABM, Damien Swendsen and Lisa Smith from InsideView (a Demandbase company) share how their teams work alongside each other to target the right accounts, engage every member of the buying committee, and build long-term customer relationships all on the foundation of great B2B data.

Marketing Platforms and CRM

Salesforce Lightning Web Components Tutorials 2023 | Part 2 | [Video]

With this practical course, you'll explore the art of working with web components and build a basic layout for the application. You will communicate between components using events, make calls from Lightning components and make components multilingual. This practical course will be your faithful companion and ensure that you make best use of the LWC.What you’ll learnBuild Lightning web components and use them to develop custom business requirements.Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?It is good if you are familiar with HTML, JS.Who this course is for:This course is for people interested in learning basic lightning web component concepts by working on small projectsInstructor : Hriday Lamba salesforce lightning web componentslightning web componentssalesforcesalesforce developers tvsalesforce lwcsalesforce lightning web componentslightning development - lightning component framework - lightning web components - auralightning web componententerprise application developmentsalesforce lightninglightning web components salesforce tutoriallwc salesforce tutoriallwc basicslightningsalesforce tutoriallightning platformlightning web components training