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SiteLogic Launches Digital Marketing Certification Course. [Video]

SiteLogic Launches Digital Marketing Certification Course.

Canton, Ohio – Matt Bailey, the founder of SiteLogic, today announced the launch of a series of Digital Marketing Certification Courses which feature more learning by doing and less watching video. Bailey says, “I don’t believe that we learn the most by watching hours of videos. More video time does not create better learning or understanding.” He adds, “You’ll apply your learning through research assignments, real-life scenarios, application, and presentations.”

Bailey’s method and practice of teaching makes SiteLogic’s training different. His hands-on approach to learning also makes his training and education company’s digital marketing certification courses effective.

Michael Stebbins, the Chairman and President of OMCP, an industry association that maintains the competency and exam standards for online marketing in coordination with industry leaders, says, “Students who have completed Matt’s OMCA Preparatory Course on LinkedIn are earning an 87.32% pass rate on the OMCA exam. This is among the highest we’ve seen in the industry.”

SiteLogic’s primary course, Digital Marketing: Core Skills (OMCA certification), prepares individuals and teams for the OMCA exam, which tests the core competency skills in six areas of Digital Marketing:
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
• Paid Search (PPC),
• Social Media Marketing,
• Content Marketing,
• Email Marketing, and
• Digital Analytics.

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