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SMS-iT Reviews: Pricing & Software Features 2022 [Video]

SMS-iT is a smart messaging platform that can be implemented to revolutionize communications for Metaverse, IoT, Blockchain, and business projects or applications. The platform helps companies and organizations connect and interact with customers and employees better by allowing real-time two-way messaging across various channels. 

It supports the efficient, intelligent, and cost-effective creation, delivery, and management of SMS, MMS, RCS, voice, and fax messages and communications. Users can launch marketing campaigns through such channels and leverage features like message scheduling, contact management, customer segmentation, and AI analytics.

SMS-iT permits sales, marketing, and support messaging and communication to be enabled within Metaverse infrastructures and applications. It provides Metaverse messaging channels, virtual phone numbers, and widgets. The messaging platform can also be leveraged for Blockchain use cases. It lets users set up automated messaging triggers via API and deliver omnichannel smart contract alerts.

Plus, they can build an IoT environment that allows dynamic …

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