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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
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SNLs Audacity in Advertising Awards Roasts Facebook and BP [Video]

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Saturday Night Live took aim at tone-deaf marketing during Saturday’s show with a sketch that celebrated the 2021 Audacity in Advertising Awards, skewering brands like Facebook, BP and Amazon.

The faux ceremony was hosted by Jake from State Farm (played by host Jonathan Majors; the real pitchman had appeared in an actual State Farm ad that ran earlier in the show) and Flo from Progressive (SNL’s Heidi Gardner), who said, “I signed a 100-billion-year contract with Progressive.”

Gardner’s Flo noted that the ceremony is “also known as the Pepsi’s,” referring to the soft drink brand’s infamous 2017 spot starring Kendall Jenner, one of the most reviled ads in recent memory.

“We’re so excited to celebrate the most egregious ads of the year,” said Flo. Categories included “Most Outrageous Use of Sign Language,” “Don’t You Make Land Mines?” and “You’re Using What to Sell What?”

BP, Amazon and Facebook Portal were among the nominees, and Liberty Mutual’s LiMu emu and human friend Doug also made an appearance.

Here’s the …

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