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Social Media Marketing: Setting Up Facebook Page & Ads Manager [Video]

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Social Media Marketing: Setting Up Facebook Page & Ads Manager

Welcome to the channel. I hope to help you start, grow and scale your Phone flipping or reselling journey. This channel is designed to give as much information as humanly possible to help you start a profitable reselling business. The information I give away is not the most amazing quality but I believe actionable content is best. I hope you enjoy this channel as much as I enjoy helping people and giving away knowledge that I know will change lives.

Who am I? Well my name is Chris Schroeder. I am the MarketingReseller. I own Reselling Electronics for Profit which is the #1 place where people can start learning how to resell electronics for FREE.

Why am I qualified to give information? Why not? I have been reselling for 6 years at this point and I am giving away the knowledge that I wish I had in the beginning. I want you to have an easier start than me. Hope you like what I provide.

Below I am giving tons of free info. So make sure you check out as much as you can. There is some paid info and some of it I get affiliate commissions from.

FREE Resources:

FREE Facebook Group:
NYC Phone Buyer Price Sheet:
FREE Appraisal Calculator:
FREE Digital Bill of Sale:
FREE Webinar:
FREE Facebook group posting PDF:

PAID RESOURCES (The Stuff that has made me $100,000s)

$7/month Starter Kit Program:
Mentorship Program:
KPI Sheet for Tracking ($37):
ResellDeck Software (14 Days Free the $97/month):
Game Console Webinar ($37):
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Facebook: Christopher Alan Schroeder | Facebook
Twitter: @chris_schroe
TikTok: @TheMarketingResellr

Bonus Content:

Ads & Marketing Course ($7/month):

My Go To Marketing Software:

Get Feldon Richards iPhone Repair Academy:

Get Your Credit Fixed from The Guy that Fixed Mine:

My Mentors & References:


David Kosciusko – Creator of the first phone flipping course | FlipPhonesForProfit
Matt Cenca – CEO of BuyBackHub
Hayden Howard – CEO of TradeInTech
Chris Stapleton & Landon Stewart – Clients & Community
Nico Moreno – Messenger Bot Mastery
Laurel Portie – Ad Coaching for 7


Feldon Richards – NYC Phone Buyer
Matt Cenca – BuyBackHub
Hayden Howard – CEO of TradeInTech
Nicole Rusell – CellBotics
…countless others

People Who Have Helped Me Grow & Their Info:

Joshua Rico – Credit Repair
Matt Cenca – Finances
Brady McCarty – Sales Training

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