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Social Media Strategies for Rural Populations – Webinar [Video]

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Social Media Strategies for Rural Populations – Webinar

Rural communities account for approximately 97% of the United States’ landmass and 20% of the country’s overall population. These diverse communities are active leaders in commerce, industry, and technology.
Unfortunately, many professionals mistakenly believe that rural populations are not active on social media. This misconception about rural populations can limit the effectiveness of rural-focused communications and outreach campaigns. People living in rural communities are prolific users of social media and are unique in how they leverage this technology to consume information, connect with organizations, and share experiences. Understanding the online behaviors, interests, and needs of rural populations is essential for organizational leaders responsible for building connections with rural communities. Discover the role of social media in rural communities and how organizations can utilize social media to strengthen community relationships in this presentation!

Webinar Highlights:
– Meet Rural America’s Diverse Populations
– Dispel Misconceptions Regarding Social Media in Rural Communities
– How Government and Nonprofit Organizations Can Connect with Rural Social Media Users
– Develop a Rural-Informed Social Media Strategy for Your Organization

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