How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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Starting an Online Business | 14 Lead Generation Strategies You Need To Know [Video]

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Starting an Online Business | 14 Lead Generation Strategies You Need To Know

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In this video, I’m going to give you 7 amazing Lead-Generation strategies that you may not have considered before and are totally free to implement. But obviously, just getting prospects is not enough, I’m also going to cover 7 proven lead generation strategies that will help you to convert your prospects into customers. I’ve learned these strategies from some of the best marketing coaches & mentors in the world, people like Paul Murphy, Stas Prokofiev, John Assaraf, Russell Brunson, and others.
As a business owner starting an online business your entrepreneurial success ultimately boils down to just one thing: Lead Generation and your ability to get customers. If you can get all the customers, you need flowing into your business 24/7, it will solve your financial challenges forever.

Before we dive into the lead generation strategies in detail here’s one really important lesson, I’ve learned from all these top marketers – One of the secrets to online business success is developing multiple ways, multiple lead generation strategies to bring customers into your business.
That is essential and it’s the reason why many online businesses struggle or fail completely. It’s not enough to have one or two or three strategies either. When I say multiple, I mean 10 +, the more the better.
In this video, I’m just going to focus on organic, free lead generation strategies because many people starting an online business may not have the expertise or the budget to start running pain ads immediately, especially as FB & Google ads have become so expensive and frankly quite complex.
And this may be the case for you So, a better option is to drive traffic using organic methods. To make these lead generation strategies work successfully you don’t need to get your credit card out but you will need to invest your time and focus.

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