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⏰⏰New Feature – Multiple Schedules for Live Interactive Webinars ⏰🔥 [Video]

“If you are running the same webinar at different dates & times you can now setup Multiple Schedules for Live Interactive Webinars”. ⏰ Earlier, if you wanted to run the exact same Live Interactive Webinar but on different dates and times, it wasn’t possible. You had to clone the Live interactive webinars and then edit the pages and so on which was a big pain.This was a top request around the Live functionality recently and we are excited to an announce that, we have addressed this for you now.Let us say you want to run the same webinar on the exact same topic but on different date and times. Once you add multiple schedule, your students/visitors can view all the dates and times when sessions available to book and register to any one of them.🚀 With Multiple Schedules for Live Interactive Webinars you can now:✅ Add more than schedule. ie add more than one date and time for same webinar. eg. at 10am, 3pm and 6pm ✅ Registrants can pick a date and can register for those sessions✅ New stunning calendar style page style added for picking date/time during registration✅ Drop down style page style also available for picking date/time✅ Automation reminder sequences will send out reminders as usual ie x mins/hours etc before scheduled time to the registrants for each session👉 PS: Multiple schedules has been added Only to Live Interactive Webinars. This is coming to Live Webinars and Live Class soon.#askzenler​​​​ #zenler​​​​howtoABOUT ZENLERZenler – All In One Course Creation, Delivery & Marketing Platform 🚀 Everything you need from Course Creation, Marketing Funnels, Email Automation to Community and LIVE Sessions without needing to hire designers, developers or marketers.​Zenler Offers you a huge range of tools for Course / Membership sites, Email Automation, Community, Drag & Drop Page Designer, Marketing Funnels plus even Live Classes, Live Webinars and Live Streams now!. Everything you could dream of and unparalleled support to get you up to speed with New Zenler 😍New Zenler allows you to literally cancel pretty much all your third party subscriptions needed – big savings.👉 Sign up to get a secret invite for New Zenler and try it for FREE:​​​​​