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Surfer SEO Content Planner Guide | Complete Surfer Tutorial (Part 4) [Video]

Looking to create a complete, SEO-backed content strategy with a few clicks? Then this is the video for you. Part 4 of the complete surfer SEO tutorial covers the content planner. This is probably the most underrated tool inside all of Surfer. This makes creating a content strategy and content calendar so much easier. The important thing for this tool is to think more broadly than we’re used to for keyword research. Using the content planner helps cover all smaller topical clusters inside the main topic/keyword that we’re targetting. Also – subscribe to see my exact process for maximizing featured snippet opportunities! Lot’s of golden nuggets in that video. 🏄‍♂️ Checkout surfer : complete Surfer SEO tutorial: Part 1: 2: 3: 4: Intro 0:16 Domain-first Content planner 1:04 Low-hanging fruits1:38 Featured snippets vid coming soon1:53 Keyword-first Content Planner2:50 117 clusters created4:16 Part 5 of the series 👨‍💻 Connect with me🌎 Follow me on Twitter