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MARKETING: JournoLink – PR Platform – Increase your leads and conversion rate [Video]

Here’s an interview with Peter Ibbetson, founder of JournoLink, whose PR Platform will help you generate more leads and will also increase your conversion rate through the credibility and competence you’ll gain from having a ‘Press Room’ – both leading to an Increase in your Profits. For full information on JournoLink and your special discount please * visit* or call me on +44 (0) 1223 650021And, as always, your thoughts, comments and questions are very welcome and please feel free to share this and to subscribe for more great content, all the very best, Rich———————————————————————KEY MESSAGES FROM THE INTERVIEWPR is a ‘must do’ component of all Marketing strategies…* 9 out of 10 buying decisions are now made based on Recommendations and Reviews, therefore media mentions are now a critical sales and web traffic enhancement tool* Historically, PR has been seen as ‘out of reach’ for small business because of complexity and cost, yet today, JournoLink’s online tools have removed this barrier*With JournoLink’s partnership with The Business Builder System, for less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee, businesses now have access to JournoLink online PR platform.All the ‘heavy lifting’ is done by the platform…* Distribution to target journalists* Providing analytics of interested titles* Linking businesses with journalists when they are looking for business case studies and comments* Prompting which news stories are likely to be trending and when* Providing a customised hosted media room for businesses own websites.Without business stories, particularly those with a regional angle, journalists struggle to fill their columns, and are always looking for good content…To increase the chance that a journalist picks up your news, four key things to remember…1. Have a headline that is really catchy2. Make sure the press release is news, not an advert. Remember that the journalist’s job is to win readers….they are interested in something that’s different, and something that impacts them3. Include a good relevant high resolution image4. Include contact details.———————————————————————To get in touch, please leave a message below or* call me on +44 (0) 1223 650021* book a phone or video call via* email me at [email protected]* or connect on