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Turn Your Podcast Into A Passive Income Machine | 9 ways to make money podcasting [Video]

Turn Your Podcast Into A Passive Income Machine – [9 ways to make money podcasting]Do you have a podcast? Or maybe you’re thinking of starting one? either you’re looking for ways to make money podcastingIf so, you’re in luck it’s easier than you think! In this video, I share 9 different ways you can turn your podcast into a passive income machine. So you can start making a passive income from your podcast. So whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been podcasting for years, there’s something in here for you.Get Your Free $5k Worth Of Bonuses Here The Passive Buddies FREE Facebook Group – the Passive Buddies podcasts on:Apple podcasts – podcasts – my FREE REPORT – 5 passive incomes businesses that you can start today.💰💰 Learn How To Generate 5000 Free Leads With Facebook Profiles💰 Podcasting is a great way to build an audience and create a passive income stream. And these nine methods are just the beginning – there are plenty of other ways to make money podcasting. But these tips will give you a good head start and will help you take your podcast to the next level!. So let’s get started!=========================================Key Moments To Watch =========================================00:00 9 ways to make money podcasting0:07 Passive Buddies0:40 Is Podcasting Dead?1:10 Make money with affiliate marketing with podcasts 2:14 how to sell digital products with podcasting3:22 how to sell physical products with podcasting4:30 How to sell coaching through podcasting5:10 how to land public speaking gigs through podcasting6:23 How to make money with your podcast 7:25 How to sell a membership through podcasting 8:32 How To Get Sponsorship deals with podcasting10:16 How To Make Extra Money On Your Podcast =========================================WHAT TO WATCH NEXT=========================================[VIDEO] How To Make Money With Email Marketing In 2022 -[Build $10k Autopilot Months] –[VIDEO] [Hit 10k Without Anyone Knowing You] – How to Sell Your Online Course Without A Following in 2022 –[PLAYLIST] Passive Income –[PLAYLIST] Affiliate Marketing – TOOLS TO RANK MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS FAST=========================================Tubebuddy – Morning Fame – =========================================SOFTWARE TO AUTOMATE YOUR BUSINESS=========================================✅ Keywords Everywhere✅ The Tool I Use to Automate My Business (Clickfunnels) ✅ Best Email Software I Recommend ✅ WriteSonic – =========================================DISCLAIMER=========================================This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!=========================================Turn Your Podcast Into A Passive Income Machine – [9 ways to make money podcasting]Watch Replay Here: #passiveincome #podcastincome #makemoneywithpodcasts

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We Made $214,182 Off Two FREE Facebook Marketing Hacks [Video]

What if you could get me on your leadership team so I could answer all your questions and take your business to the $100,000 a month level and beyond? If you’re ready for that kind of growth, join my limited “Inner Circle” below before the price goes back up. Click here now to secure a seat:–Have you ever wanted to become a real entrepreneur and work for yourself? If so, I grew up in Beacon Hill / Rainier Valley in Seattle WA (a low income minority neighborhood) and I hustled my way to the top in 5 industries; eventually becoming a real serial-entrepreneur with an IPO under my belt with friends and over $210 million dollars in sales before I turned 35 years old.This is no “get rich quick” story – this is a HUSTLE LIKE A MOTHER AND MAKE YOUR IMPRESSION ON THE WORLD story. If you want me to guide you as well, follow the quick steps below and get started RIGHT NOW together. If you’re reading this, “distraction” is going to be your #1 enemy like it is with all entrepreneurs. Decide now if you’re going to be one of those “hey, I want to do that someday” people, or if you’re going to be an ACTION TAKER and do something about it right now.I’m not asking for your money – I’m asking for you to commit to yourself and to your dreams.Let’s go and I got your back, you’ll see!🔥 Step 1: Subscribe to the channel now so you can be the first to get notified which new free content is released:🔥 Step 2: Email me for your free $397 Elite Entrepreneur course (you can only get this here, my website sells this for $397!):My email: [email protected]: My Free $397 CourseBody: Please reply back with a login to my free $397 free course. Thank you.🔥 Step 3: Copy and paste this into the comments above and tag me so I know who you are: “Thanks James for sending me the free $397 “Elite Entrepreneur Course” bro!”🔥 Step 4: Let’s get you hooked up with free online software to run your business (doesn’t matter what you do, you’ll need a very nice website with a custom domain, video hosting, email, calendar, and more. No credit card required. Go here now and I’ll give you a bunch of other free courses and the link to the same software we are using called GroovePages:’s it for now friends. I’ll be in touch once you get your course.Talk soon and see you on the other side.James “your new entrepreneur mentor” Smiley

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How To Create Digital Paper Using Canva FOR FREE | Canva Tutorial [Video]

Looking to create digital paper or seamless patterns? In today’s tutorial, I’m showing you how to create digital paper and seamless patterns using Canva FOR FREE!Make sure you LIKE today’s video and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more Canva tutorials and digital product ideas.BEFORE WE GET STARTED👉 Subscribe HERE!:💌 Join my email list!:——————————📲 SAY HELLOFind me on Etsy: blog:——————————💖 VIDEOS & PLAYLISTS YOU’LL LOVECanva Tutorials:——————————💻 BUSINESS TOOLSTry Canva Pro FREE for 30 Days!: 40 Etsy Listings FOR FREE: Your Email List Using ConvertKit: Management Tool I Use: Blog & Website Hosting:——————————📸 FILMING EQUIPMENTMacbook Air:——————————📚RECOMMENDED BOOKSThe Millionaire Fastlane: WORKS: Success: Four Agreements:*Disclaimer – Megan is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to #digitalpaper #canvatutorial